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Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport

Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi AirportCrowne Plaza Changi Airport is located within the immediate vicinity of Singapore Changi Airport. Linked to Terminal 3 via covered walkways. Guests can also reach Terminals 1 and 2 via Changi Airport's automated People...more

Changi Village-A Far East Hotel

Changi Village-A Far East HotelThe Changi Village Hotel features personality, sleek lines, and snazzy interiors. One can watch the planes fly by, while lounging by the rooftop pool. It features the rooftop spa and wellness center. One can host a meeting...more

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Changi Village is a small urban area just outside of Singapore. Escape the busy and crowded streets of the city and walk through a laid back village. It is a popular spot for busy people in Singapore to get away from the city and enjoy the beaches of Changi Village. You are close enough to the airport that you can watch the planes fly in and out.

Changi Village is the home to the infamous Changi Hospital. It was built in the 1930's and used for unspeakable atrocities during the Japanese occupation. It is now said to be haunted by the very souls who were tortured here. The Japanese occupation took the Allies by surprise. Many Chinese people from Singapore were taken prisoner, tortured and executed. The Japanese often decapitated their prisoners and displayed them around the island as a warning to other people of the consequences of disobeying their authority. Some of the British who had occupied Singapore as well as other allied troops were taken prisoner and made to work on the Death railway. Changi Village has a small, intimate museum that features artifacts from this time. You also may want to visit the small bookstore that features books on the history of this area.

There is a lovely long stretch of coastal greenery that features the normal boardwalk attractions. The best time to visit this beautiful boardwalk is late afternoon. Stay and see the sunset, you will be glad you did. Food vendors with delicious varieties of seafood and other delicacies will have your mouth watering. Try some of the local food at the food court. Try Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, BBQ seafood and Nasi Lemak. If you have a taste for the exotic, try stingray, squid, and chicken wings cooked and covered with BBQ sauce.

After sunset you will see a neater side of Changi Village. If you are a nature lover, take the ferry to Pulau Ubin during the day. It is a beautiful island and perfect for a lovely nature walk.

If you feel a little more adventurous, take a walk along the main road. It has a slope and passes by some fabulous hotels. Again, you will want to take this walk at sunrise or sunset. If you walk all the way to the end, you will find yourself on the boardwalks.

Whether you are a local wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, or a tourist who would like to see what Singapore was like in the early 1960's you will love what Changi Village has to offer.

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