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Special Events in Changi Village

Kranji, Singapore, located near Changi Village, is home to the Turf Club, a Singapore racecourse where one of the world's richest horse races takes place each May. The Singapore Airlines International Cup was first held in 2000 as the first event at the newly opened racecourse. This race draws racers in from all over the world, and the past winners of the cup have come from seven different countries.

Every year in January, Changi Village residents enjoy Huayi, the Chinese Festival of Arts that celebrates Chinese New Year. This festival lasts several days and includes several concerts, a lion dance, and cultural events. People that go to this festival can also experience a taste of many different traditional Chinese art forms as they peruse artistic creations, listen to Chinese music, and watch Chinese entertainers.

The Singapore Food Festival was first held in 1994 and takes place each summer. The festival highlights the traditional foods of Singapore and gives visitors a chance to sample the delicacies that Singapore is well known for. Each year, the food festival is held in a different place around Singapore, but because of the small size of the island, it is easy to get to the festival from Changi Village. There is a different type of Singaporean cuisine high-lighted each year at the festival. Besides the food, the festival has events such as competitions between chefs, entertainment, and cooking demonstrations.

From Changi Village, it is a short distance to the Marina Bay area to watch the Singapore Grand Prix. The race is almost two hundred miles long and takes sixty-one laps around the circuit. Viewers can stay in the same place and easily see their favorite drivers go by. A ticket to the Grand Prix includes plenty of entertainment opportunities as well as watching the race.

The Singapore Kite Festival became an annual event starting in 2010. Although it is only in its third year, it has become a popular event for families in and around Changi Village. This free festival is held in the Marina Bay area and visitors can watch kite masters perform amazing tricks with kites. The festival is not only about kites, though. Performers also use juggling balls and acrobatics to entertain the people that come to this festival. People can also spend time in workshops learning how to make simple kites.

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